Our Past and Future as a Los Angeles Icon


It’s a distinctive accolade for a club to say it grew up alongside a city, and an honor The California Club proudly claims. When the Club was founded in 1887, people were flocking to Los Angeles. Those looking to make their mark joined the Club.

As the city transformed, The California Club remained a downtown fixture. The Club has been at its current location for almost a century, with three moves prior to landing at 538 South Flower Street.

The Club’s first home at First and Fort (Broadway) streets was situated over the Tally-Ho Stables. In 1895, the growing Club moved to the top two floors of the new Wilcox building at Second and Spring streets, then built a five-story Italian Renaissance structure at Fifth and Hill streets in 1904. The biggest upgrade came in the 1929 move to Flower Street, which was five times larger than the Club’s previous location.

Through the years, the Club has persevered and adapted in the face of great change while still maintaining its traditions and reputation as one of the finest clubs in the world. The California Club is a testament to the fact that success is never static.

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