City of Los Angeles Vaccine Mandate – Starting November 4th, 2021

Please be advised that the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor recently passed a resolution that will mandate persons entering indoor areas such as restaurants, gyms, salons, movie theaters and venues to show proof of vaccination from all individuals (including children over 12) throughout the City of Los Angeles. Please click HERE to review the mandate from the City of Los Angeles.

The Clubhouse does indeed fall under this mandate; which will take effect November 4th.

Please note: Under the City’s Mandate, unvaccinated individuals are permitted to stay in our overnight accommodations and utilize outdoor services such as the Third Floor Deck and Third Floor Patio.

Vaccine Mandate FAQs

1. “What about exemptions?”

Under the City of Los Angeles’ ordinance, those individuals that provide written proof of a medical or sincerely held religious exemptions to the vaccine may utilize in indoor services of the Club as long as a negative COVID Test result is provided to the door staff upon arrival. The negative test must have been taken within the previous 72-hours.

2. “What if I am not vaccinated?"

Under the City of Los Angeles’ ordinance, those not being able to provide proof of vaccination, must limit their use of the Club to services provided outdoors; such as Breakfast on the Deck, Lunch on the Deck, Cocktails/Bar Menu on the Deck and Lunch on the Third Floor Patio.NOTE: Those not providing proof of vaccination are allowed, under the ordinance, to enter indoor portions of the Clubhouse for brief and limited periods of time to use the restrooms and travel between the entrance and the outdoor areas.

3. “Do I have to wear a mask, even if I am vaccinated?”

Appropriate Face Coverings will still be required by all Members, Guests and Staff throughout the Clubhouse at all times; except for when consuming Food & Beverages.

4. "Are there any exceptions?”

Other than the exemptions/exceptions listed above, the Club will not be able to provide exceptions to this City Ordinance.